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K. Lynn Academics offers a range of options. Please call or email us with questions, we are happy to work with you to find the right solutions for each student’s success.

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Appointments are private, one-on-one sessions that promote intense individual assistance.

Every appointment is unique and caters to each student and their specific goals. Appointments are generally 50 minutes, but students may benefit from longer appointments during critical times throughout the semester. The number of appointments required will vary and is discussed with the College Coordinator, student and parents during the initial planning session.

Some students present with very specific challenges that can be resolved in as little as two or three appointments, but most students find it beneficial to schedule two or three 50-minute appointments per week throughout the semester. In this situation, it is common to schedule a series of weekly appointments.

For the convenience of our students, day, evening and weekend appointments are available. Appointments are conveniently located on campus.

Academic Advising Assistance

Our AAA program is a significant aspect of the personalized educational experience. We assist our students in managing their major, minor and general education requirements and we provide knowledgeable information regarding course and professor selection.  The AAA program links the curriculum to career goals and graduate/professional school admissions. Each semester, we analyze and divide each course into manageable sections for optimal time management and assignment completion.


Subject tutoring

This helps students prepare for daily assignments, presentations, papers and examinations. Our tutors help connect course ideas by explaining required texts and course lectures in a one-on-one personalized setting.  We provide strategies for increasing reading comprehension, listening, note-taking and presentation skills.

Writing-Intensive Courses

These courses often require additional support and structure. We support our students throughout the entire writing process, including brainstorming, research, thesis development, organization, drafting, revisions and editing.

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